Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving down the line

Hi everyone,

It seems like a month since we heard the verdict on the spot on Deb's liver, but in reality, it has only been three days.

Doctor Weyburn, Deb's oncologist, offered to talk with me if I had any questions. So far I haven't called him. It seems apparent that with organ involvement Deb will always have cancer with her. Sometimes it will be in remission, other times it will flare up and need treatment. What all that means is not clear, but I doubt the doctor can look into his crystal ball and give us specifics. Deb will speak with him prior to her next chemo, and that will give us some time to compose questions.

He did say that even with the liver involved, Deb should have many years ahead of her. Thank God for that.

Deb had a lot of general body pain yesterday. She was in bed early and slept until 8 AM. We were talking about the need to follow through on a prior discussion about wills and things. A living will and a power of attorney, plus giving some thought to distributing the little things, that will only mean something special to certain people. Who should be the executor? Things like that. It's something that everyone should do and then update. We have wills, but need to make sure everything is in order and complete.

Today, Sunday, she is in the shower now, getting ready for church. We go to the 11 AM service at the Chapel campus in McHenry. I can't imagine going through this without the love and support of our church, friends and family.

This is difficult for us because we only know here and now. It is not impossible for us because we have faith that we will live an eternity without pain and separation with the one God of the universe. We all will die, but the more important question is how we spend the time we have left.

Have a great day, filled with many blessings,


Dan and Deb
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