Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Complication

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading this and your prayers. We both imagine lots of prayers being generated by those kind folks who take the time to read this and reflect on it.

We know that we can't change what is to be, but God knows exactly what will happen and we pray for His will to be done. We know he will answer all your prayers and ours.

The ultrasound found something on the liver. On further review it isn't a cyst, as it was the first go around, but something else. Deb will schedule a biopsy in the next week or so.

Today is round two for chemotherapy. Tomorrow she gets the shot to boost her white blood cells. Anemia is an enemy that can cause delays in the chemo schedule.

Jack, our friend had his third dose of chemo. He's getting some of the side effects, but handling it very well.

Deb, as you all know, is going to beat this thing. That I believe. What we are going through presently is intended to encourage all of you focus on asking God for mercy and healing.

Love to all,

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