Sunday, January 2, 2011

Accepting the unusual as usual.

Hello everyone,

Well, Christmas has come and gone. We had Deb's family for Christmas eve, and it was a blast. Great food and fun, some of the kids are still young enough to really get into the presents thing. Someday it will change as the kids get older, and have independant plans. But for now I'm glad we can all get together and celebrate the holiday.

Christmas day we had Deb's parents and our good friends Jack and Dee. probably nineteen years we've all been together. We're praying a lot for Jack because he too has cancer. Lymphoma. He and Deb both will have chemo treatments next week. Jack's third and Deb's second. They compare notes and side effects. Jack has lost all his hair.

Deb had all her hair buzzed to day. Her scalp has been very sensitive and it was apparent that her hair was going to start coming out in bunches. Last time I cut it for her, but I was able to do it outside. This time we went to Great Clips.

Deb has been blowing a lot. We thouht it was a cold but now we think it is a chemo side effect. We were a little unsure of the exact side effects because this is a different chemical than the last time. We expect that she will be very tired on Thursday after her chemotherapy and also on Friday. The weekend will be a mixed bag. She also has to watch what and how much she eats. She has some gastrointestinal issues along with not being able to taste much. The second week after her treatment she should have more energy and less side effects.

We have been getting great support from so many people. Our small group has been very sympathetic and we get lots of hugs from our friends and lots of prayers. God has been very good to us in providing such great comfort.

So we continue to plod along with faith and hope in God's plan. Thank you all for your love and support.

God Bless,

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