Thursday, January 27, 2011

The results.

Here is Deb's e mail from the doctor's office as she waited for her Chemo treatment on Thursday, 1/27/11 at 11 AM.

I'll start with the news we've been waiting for. My liver biopsy result is positive for cancer. Obviously not the result we were hoping and praying for. Apparently when breast cancer spreads to another organ, there is no ultimate cure. So, we will continue with the current chemotherapy as we still need to work on the breast and it should also have an effect on the liver. After my fourth treatment I'll have another MRI on my breast and ultrasound on my liver to gauge progress.

There would still be breast surgery planned after the sixth treatment. There typically is not surgery or radiation performed on the liver. The liver cancer is estrogen positive like the cancer in my breast, I will ultimately be taking a drug like Tamoxifen, but not Tamoxifen, to keep the cancer at bay.

To top all this off, they haven't been able to start administering my chemo yet because my port is being uncooperative. It's letting fluid in, but not letting the blood out so they can do my CBC to make sure all my levels are okay. Now we are trying something called cathlo to try to keep it open for drawing fluid. So another 15 - 20 minutes before trying again. I assume if this doesn't work we'll do it the old fashioned way via a vein in my arm, which is usually an adventure with my veins.

Until I have more to report, that's it for now. (Hopefully I'll be home before midnight.)

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Deb Harrell

We are laying all this at the feet of our Lord. He will be our comfort, our hope and our guide.

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