Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Little Something Extra

Good Saturday Morning, everyone

Snow coming down gently, joining the other few inches on the ground. It IS January in Illinois!

Deb had a liver biopsy yesterday. She made it through like a champ, but was tired an had some infrequent pain if she moved a certain way. They took her into the room about 10:30. A couple of scans done to give the radiologist the correct target. Some topical annesthesia followed by an incision, more pain killer and finally the needle. After all that was said previously, I'm sure she expected it to be about 8 feet long, but it wasn't. The needle went in, she held her breath as requested, and the pathologist checked to see if the sample was sufficient for a good examination. It was, so they buttoned her up and into a holding area, where I joined her.

It was perfect. I had a table for the laptop, a power outlet if I needed one, and then we both ordered lunch. Lunch was good too, something no one expects in a hospital.

They held her to 1:30 PM to make sure nothing happened and then I took her home. She rested and seemed to feel OK. I saved shoveling the driveway for her, so she'd have something to do on Saturday. Kidding.

Thank you one and all for the prayers to our Maker, the Great Physician. He hears them all and will answer each prayer.

We get the results next week, more then.

Love to all,

Dan and Deb
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