Monday, January 17, 2011

A Good Weekend

Hello everyone, and happy Monday.

I'm off today for Martin Luther King day. Deb's working so I'll have time to do some things around the house, or maybe shovel snow, as they predict four inches or so.

We had a very nice weekend. Our friends Jack and Dee came over for breakfast Saturday. He seems to be doing well except for th lack of energy.

Sunday at The Chapel, we heard a wonderful message about why sin exists and how sin started in this world. Sunday night we had small group. For those of you that have never experienced small group, it is eight to ten people who come together to share a commitment to experience the word of God and become friends. Food is usually involved and often you form deep relationships with each other. Our group includes four couples and three singles. We have a great time with a lot of humor and prayer. It starts the week on a positive note.

We begin to understand the strugles each of our small group has in their life. Their strugles mirror what you may find in any group of people. Most of all we face each day wondering what is in store for us. Will we have trouble or joy. No one knows.

God Bless
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