Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Again

Good Morning Everyone,

More daylight every day it seems. I especially notice it on the train. While we had periods of snow over the weekend, the warmth of the sun does a great job of melting it quickly. We are looking forward to spring.

Deb will have a breast MRI Thursday and a liver scan. This will give the doctors something to compare against the prior studies. A decision will be made whether to have a mastectomy or continue with the last two chemo infusions. We would like to know more detail on what we can expect with either option. Deb is scheduled for chemo a week from this Thursday.

There have been better weekends for us. Deb went into work Saturday and we rested in the evening. Sunday we had a play at the Marriott, Guys and Dolls, which was terrific. We attended our small group in the evening.

Deb started to develop left arm swelling and pain. Considerable pain. She put on her compression sleeve and took a couple of Advil but it didn't do much. When she took off her sleeve this morning she saw the tell tale spots of a shingles reappearance. She will start taking medication for that.

Her immune system is compromised of course, and it will be easy for her to get shingles through her chemo treatment, I fear. Stress is another risk factor with shingles. She has stress.

We are braced by your prayers, lifted by your love, and granted peace by our Savior. We draw our comfort from the certain knowledge that we can't know the future, and so how pointless is it to worry about it. Would our worry change one iota of Deb's health or circumstances, we would fret the day and night away. But as the birds begin singing before dawn, we too must have faith.

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.
-- Sai Baba

Kris and Aaron will be here Thursday with Mitchell and Madelynn for a couple of days. I'm certain that will help Deb heal.

God bless each of you. Make this a random hug day and seek out someone who seems down and needs a lift. Hugs are such great inventions.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Fork in the Road

Hello everyone!

The snow is melting, and Strider has her yard back. All of us feel so much better with all the recent sunshine and even though we know winter is not over, we can endure because of the promise of spring.

Deb had chemo Thursday and now will have a liver scan and a MRI of her breast. Dr. Weyburn asked if surgery was still an option that Deb preferred, knowing that there is virtually no chance that the cancer in her breast will disappear. So there is a discussion that the last two chemo sessions may be skipped and go ahead with surgery. I'm not sure of the reasoning involved, but after the scan results there will be a full discussion of options.

There may be more than one cancer spot on the liver. We did get the results of the liver biopsy and there is no doubt that the cancer on the liver is the same as the tumor in Deb's breast. So there may be some thought to get the breast removed and get the tumor out of the body.

Deb is feeling the effects of the chemotherapy as usual. She has pain that derives from the chemo and some that is caused by the booster shot she had Friday.

This time feels different to us. It is more difficult to be optimistic. It seems that we don't feel the energy to fight like we did last time. It's not as if we're giving up or feeling down and out, but it is different.

Time seems to drag on because we can't and don't know what the future holds. But in other ways the world is upside down. Gravity has lost it's power over the universe. Our lives race beyound any control.

But we know that there is one who controls the universe. One who knows the future and can heal the most greiveous hurt and injury. Someone that hold the power of life and death in His hand. It is to him we entrust this battle. He will prevail against all odds. Even the demons tremble when he speaks. What is cancer to such a being? Indeed!

Our love to everyone, thanks for the prayers and the cards.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Yea! The Weekend

Hi everyone,

Nothing much to report except praise for my friend Jack who was told that his cancer is gone. Gone! No evidence of cancer anywhere. Everyone is so happy for him, including Deb and me.

Deb is starting to taste food again and is looking forward to a relaxing weekend. She went to the doctor yesterday and he told her she has an abscess in her groin. Just what everyone needs. She is taking antibiotics and should be fine.

We are thankful for God's grace and your prayers. We read your comments both here and on Facebook and are thrilled to have you as family or friends. Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain.

Good Weekend all, God Bless,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More of the Same

Hi everyone,

There is a certain routine about our lives right now. We mark time by chemotherapy treatments and their effects.

Before the treatment Deb takes steroids. The day of chemo she is given something to lessen the possibility of nausea and something to relax her. A blood test is performed before the actual chemo application. The day of chemo she feels good, but tired. The next day she is very tired but must go within 24 hours of the actual administration of chemo to get a shot to boost her white blood cells.

It's after the chemo, the first week or two that her taste is gone and most things she eats have little or no taste or a bad taste. She is tired the first week and just about the time she gets some energy it's time again for a dose of chemo.

This time,so far, she hasn't lost all her hair. She has some fuzz on her head and some eyelashes.

The weather hasn't been very helpful. Twenty two inches of snow last Tuesday and Wednesday and four inches on Friday. Snowed yesterday too! How wonderful it would be to sit outside.

Last time the weather was better during the chemotherapy.

Tonight she has her monthly dinner with friends. She is trying to keep active and she is working except for the day of chemo and the day after. She says that the drugs given this time have made her more tired than the last time.

Still her spirits are good and we believe in the power and grace of God. We trust in Him and petition Him for healing and comfort.

Our friend Jack and another friend Chuck are battling serious health issues right now. If you could include them in your prayers they would be blessed.

God bless all,