Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More of the Same

Hi everyone,

There is a certain routine about our lives right now. We mark time by chemotherapy treatments and their effects.

Before the treatment Deb takes steroids. The day of chemo she is given something to lessen the possibility of nausea and something to relax her. A blood test is performed before the actual chemo application. The day of chemo she feels good, but tired. The next day she is very tired but must go within 24 hours of the actual administration of chemo to get a shot to boost her white blood cells.

It's after the chemo, the first week or two that her taste is gone and most things she eats have little or no taste or a bad taste. She is tired the first week and just about the time she gets some energy it's time again for a dose of chemo.

This time,so far, she hasn't lost all her hair. She has some fuzz on her head and some eyelashes.

The weather hasn't been very helpful. Twenty two inches of snow last Tuesday and Wednesday and four inches on Friday. Snowed yesterday too! How wonderful it would be to sit outside.

Last time the weather was better during the chemotherapy.

Tonight she has her monthly dinner with friends. She is trying to keep active and she is working except for the day of chemo and the day after. She says that the drugs given this time have made her more tired than the last time.

Still her spirits are good and we believe in the power and grace of God. We trust in Him and petition Him for healing and comfort.

Our friend Jack and another friend Chuck are battling serious health issues right now. If you could include them in your prayers they would be blessed.

God bless all,

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