Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Fork in the Road

Hello everyone!

The snow is melting, and Strider has her yard back. All of us feel so much better with all the recent sunshine and even though we know winter is not over, we can endure because of the promise of spring.

Deb had chemo Thursday and now will have a liver scan and a MRI of her breast. Dr. Weyburn asked if surgery was still an option that Deb preferred, knowing that there is virtually no chance that the cancer in her breast will disappear. So there is a discussion that the last two chemo sessions may be skipped and go ahead with surgery. I'm not sure of the reasoning involved, but after the scan results there will be a full discussion of options.

There may be more than one cancer spot on the liver. We did get the results of the liver biopsy and there is no doubt that the cancer on the liver is the same as the tumor in Deb's breast. So there may be some thought to get the breast removed and get the tumor out of the body.

Deb is feeling the effects of the chemotherapy as usual. She has pain that derives from the chemo and some that is caused by the booster shot she had Friday.

This time feels different to us. It is more difficult to be optimistic. It seems that we don't feel the energy to fight like we did last time. It's not as if we're giving up or feeling down and out, but it is different.

Time seems to drag on because we can't and don't know what the future holds. But in other ways the world is upside down. Gravity has lost it's power over the universe. Our lives race beyound any control.

But we know that there is one who controls the universe. One who knows the future and can heal the most greiveous hurt and injury. Someone that hold the power of life and death in His hand. It is to him we entrust this battle. He will prevail against all odds. Even the demons tremble when he speaks. What is cancer to such a being? Indeed!

Our love to everyone, thanks for the prayers and the cards.

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