Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Thoughts Today

I saw this photo of my father and Deb and decided to post it. It was taken in the Carbondale Illinois area in 2001 when we took my father to the place of his birth. We were having lunch with some other family members and started to walk to the cars. It was a beautiful day and as Deb and Dad walked in front of me I saw him slip his hand into hers and I happened to have my camera. Dad liked Deb and she always listened to his stories and talked to him a lot. He was starting to slip at this time, but still was able to get around and his mind worked.

I think Dad liked having a steadying hand as he was 87 at the time. Wouldn't we all like to have someone slip their hand into ours when life hurts and we are alone.

Our heavenly Father will be there for us if only we ask. He will provide comfort and healing for us and answer our prayers.

God Bless everyone on this beautiful Sunday.

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