Sunday, December 19, 2010

A weekend of surprises.

Hi Everyone,

Not the weekend I'd thought we'd have, not at all. Deb had her first chemo on Thursday, and was out of it Friday all day. Very tired and a bit of an upset stomach. She said even that soon her taste buds were affected, something that took longer last time. Her scalp seemed to feel different, a harbinger of complete hair loss that will start within the next two weeks.

Saturday was her sister's 50th birthday party and so based on her feeling better by 6 PM we went. The food was terrific and we had a great time. We were the first to leave at 9 PM. And then something happened that had never happened last time at all. Deb had a completely miserable night. She couldn't lay flat in bed and even more couldn't sleep.

I went to church without her and found her sleeping when I got home. She's sitting at the table trying to finish some Christmas cards. Everything is behind this year. And no Christmas letter. I must admit I could think of much to say that would be cheery. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. And God will lead it through it.
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