Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Red Devil (Adriamycin)

OK, so they also call it Kool Ade, but that's the one they put in while wearing rubber gloves.

We arrived on time (1pm) and after vitals were taken Doctor Weyburn came in and examined Deb. He talked to us for a few minutes trying and succeeding, I think, to reassure Deb.

The medi port is a terrific idea, but the first time it's used is a little painful, and it's only been two days since it was put in. You can't see any part of the port, but to access it they push a needle through the skin covering the port into the membrane of the port. It really is very easy and a time saver. No hunting for veins or having them collapse.

They took both of us back to the room and set Deb up in a reclining chair. She had her Ipod ready to go, but since it was her first time, she spent some time having everything explained. I was able to be in the back with her only this time.

Lynsee, a wonderful nurse, explained everything , from how the pump works to the order drugs would be injected into the saline or pushed through the line directly into the medi port.

Once the line was running they injected a steroid, Decadron, and a nausea drug, Aloxi. Then Adriamycin was pushed through followed by the Cytoxan.

I left about then to run some errands. Deb called later to say she was leaving and that she had fallen asleep for the last ten minutes or so. She said she is really tired. The actual process started about 1:30pm and finished about 4pm. It will probably go a bit faster next time.

We were told again by the Jill and Lynsee that if there is any temperature spike to call immediately or if she feels sick or nauseous and the prescribed meds don't remedy the problem. They seem to be a very concerned bunch and Deb got a hug from the appointment lady who took her back to the chemical plant.

So, we know that this is only the start of this journey. We still have to face hair loss, low blood counts, nausea and surgery. We know that there will be ups and downs. Things we will miss doing because we can't risk Deb's exposure to crowds or even family gatherings. We know all of this may not work, in spite of our optimism and faith. But, today at least, we both feel good about starting the process and beginning the battle. We continue to get fantastic support from everyone.

He will be with you also, all the way, that faithful God. Every morning when you awaken to the old and tolerable pain, at every mile of the hot uphill dusty road of tiring duty, on to the judgment seat, the same Christ there as ever, still loving you, still God.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." - Helen Keller

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