Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blood Tests and Comments

Good Thursday everyone.

Deb and a blood test today. Some of the values are low. The white blood count is below three and the hemoblobin is 10.6 instead of 12. The MCHC is 32.4 percent instead of the target of 36.

The granulocytes is .5 insted of 1.4 or above. The lymphocytes and monocytes are hight too. Dr. Weyburn's staff seems unconcerned with the results now, but with chemo scheduled for next Thursday, it would be good to see them go up (or down as the case may be).

I found out I could change a setting on the blog to allow comments without membership, so comment at will, as Deb loves reading them.

I changed the layout a bit and added a couple of photos.

I hope all of you realize how much you mean to Deb and I and how we value your support and prayers.


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