Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The lull before the storm

Dear Friends,

The last few days have been interesting. I picked up a dandy cold and was in bed most of Friday and Saturday. In spite of trying to stay away from Deb, she now has the cold. I don't know exactly where I got it, but she may have been around me before I developed symptoms.

Friday Deb was off work, as she planned to help Sebastian get ready for prom, something they don't have in Germany. He was so handsome in his tuxedo, with his tie matching Anika's dress. The tie has his name, the date and RBCHS (Richmond Burton Community High School) sewn into it, and the custom is for the girl to keep the tie. Deb took him to the Stocker's, Anika's host family, and I stayed home. Lots of photos taken and both of them looked great. You wouldn't know that this was probably their first and last prom, or that both were citizens of Germany. They just looked like any other happy couple going to their high school prom.

The prom was at Concord Banquets in Lake Zurich. They had dinner and dancing until about midnight, followed by the post prom party, sponsored by the school, that lasted until 5am. Sebastian got home about 6am on Saturday. He took a shower and had breakfast and went to bed until about 4pm.

Deb seemed very tired on Friday, and went to bed early. On Saturday, she did a few errands, but needed a nap in the afternoon. She was also having some issues with nausea, but the medication we have helped with that. We understand that the fatigue can be cumulative, so since we are in the beginning, this may be more of an issue as we proceed. I know Deb wants to do as much as possible and doesn't want to "give in" to this fatigue.

Sunday we took Sebastian and a neighbor boy, along with our friends, Jack and Dee, to Miller Field in Milwaukee to see a Brewers baseball game. We had a terrific brunch at Saz's before the game. Deb was tired again Sunday night, although she did several loads of laundry.

She has been very calm during all of this, one of us should be don't you think? She has the ability to focus on the really important stuff, not like a certain someone we won't name. I mean, how do people get through all this. Work, kids, chemo, ups and downs and the normal day to day stuff of living? Are they all supermen and women or on drugs? Wait, this rant is over. I think I'll be allright for a while, someone just gave me some chocolate :).

Deb's monthly dinner is tonight and I'm glad she can attend as we don't know if she will need to isolate herself from crowd situations or if there are some that are OK, while others are not. So I am glad she is going and we should know more about fatigue and isolation after her blood review on Thursday. We have been sleeping in separate rooms since this all came up so she could rest better.

Tomorrow she gets her hair cut. I'm picturing Billy Idol. Thursday she visits the Doll House, a wig specialist in Lindenhurst. We are sure we are on the correct path to wellness. I know all of our questions will be answered in due time.

We continue to pray for Dan Krupa, who is dealing with the terrible after effects of radiation and chemo, and for Marge, his wife, who is doing her best to help him heal and regain some lost weight. Please add both of them to your prayer list.

There are so many others affected by a cancer diagnosis. Children, no matter what age, feel helpless and depressed at the same time. It can be a wicked reality check for those who have not faced their own mortality yet. Yet I know they are praying for us and that feels very good.

We are very blessed to have had an easy road so far. It is impossible to thank everyone enough who has prayed for us and given us hope and comfort. We trust in God's mercy and grace and submit to his will.

Thanks to all,

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