Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cruising Along

Hi everyone,

Deb has been sailing along the last few days in good spirits and with energy. She still has what seems to be an allergy and I still am stuffy too. But the best news is that she has energy. What we believe now is that looking back she should have taken the rest of the week off after the medi port was installed. Going back to work the next day drained her completely.

It is great to see her with some pep and bounce in her step. Nausea isn't a factor and neither is acid reflux right now. She says her scalp is sensitive when she wakes up, and she expects hair to start evacuating the premises soon. Question. If a hair falls out and no one sees it, does it still end up floating in my coffee?

Deb's wig should be ready soon and last night she ordered some hats over the web. Perhaps a pirate's hat to go with the bald look and an earring? Something rakish with a wide brim? I've always admired the Queen Elizabeth look personally.

Last Sunday we shared Mother's Day with the Kellers and Bargers at Anita and John's home in Woodstock. I have some new photos and I'll add one to the blog shortly. It was a great day with lots of hugs.

Our 17Th wedding anniversary is this Saturday. We're going to have Italian at a new place in Richmond and then go to the high school to pick up Sebastian's year book as he will be at Green Lake Wisconsin with the rest of his exchange group for the year end mandatory get together. We also will pick up a copy for Masha, as the second half of her year with us, including prom, is in this years book. Today is exactly a year ago that she returned to Russia.

Next week brings another chemo session on Thursday. Deb is doing very well with all of this and I'm convinced it is because of all of you lifting her up with your prayers. We continue to get the most wonderful notes of support and prayer and unless you have faced the uncertainty of life and death as Deb is, it is impossible to explain the impact of this love and kindness in her life.

So we continue to praise God for His mercy and grace. We pray especially for Dan Krupa, a fellow cancer patient who is struggling with weight loss but continues to battle every day with the extraordinary help of family and friends, including his wife Marge.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


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