Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Overwhelmed by it all

What great support from every one. People from Community of Faith, friends, former and current co workers and family. I have talked to more people this week than I can remember. When I was working yesterday as an election judge, I was so thankful for their support. They made arrangements to take the supplies and ballots back to the county for me so I could go home and be with Deb.

Deb is on her way home from the hospital after blood tests. Masha, our Russian exchange student from last year, sent a great note to me for Deb. There are so many people sending their prayers to God.

Deb is handling this very well. She was a little overwhelmed yesterday after she heard about the cancer but seems to have rallied and is doing better today.

It's strange how we take life for granted. I wouldn't be the first to be shocked by the disruption of my plans. Plans, I assumed would come to fruition. I can't believe how tired I am today. Too much going on for me.
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