Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Beginning

Now all this begins with an abnormal self exam in February. It is followed by an appointment with the family doctor, Dr. MacDonald in early March and then a mammogram. In spite of the normal mammogram, Dr. MacDonald referred Deb to a surgeon. A subsequent exam on 4/13/07 included a biopsy.

On Tuesday, 4/17/07 Deb learned she has cancer in the left breast. This was not a total surprise because there had been a physical change in the nipple and a hardness in the breast.

Today, 4/18/07 Deb is having some blood work. Tomorrow she will have a CT scan and a bone scan. A meeting is scheduled for Friday with the surgeon and a MRI in Buffalo Grove takes place in the afternoon. I will probably go with her on Friday.

We won't know the treatment plan until the tests are complete and we meet with the surgeon again.

This follows my dealing with a high PSA test in March. A subsequent biopsy was benign and I'm doing well.

I hope I can have Deb share some of her thoughts here.

Deborah Lynn Keller was born on June 15, 1959. She attended Wauconda High School.
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