Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally, the start of treatment

I'm sure we'll look back at this week as only the start of the battle, but now it seems like looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Everything seems distant and unreadable. What will happen? How will Deb react to chemo? And so on.

By the way, how do you like the new photo of Deb and Strider taken by Sebastian?

I found some good sites on wigs and hats. Deb will need something within the month so we need to look at styles and such. I'm going in for a sleep test and I'm told that if I need to wear a CPAP mask at night I'll need to shave off my beard and mustache. So then, Deb and I would be like twins, right? Maybe a long wig for me. The Dolly Parton look? Anyway, we have been reading some of the cancer web sites on the Internet. Breast Cancer dot org is good. The Susan Koman site is full of good information.

There are great web sites full of individual stories such as healing well dot com, that help us not feel so alone and give us hope that Deb will survive this battle.

It was difficult the last week not to be overwhelmed by all of this. Both Deb and I were very tired all week and didn't do much this weekend. Both of us feel much better today. Our emotions are so close to the surface. Deb had never had surgery or any serious illness or injury before, so all this is new to her. She is taking it one day at a time and both of believe we are going to see her beat this thing and survive for many years!

Daughter Erin has volunteered to have Sebastian come to their home in Philadelphia and they would take him to see the sites in New York City and Washington. We are still discussing the details, but this would be a wonderful solution for him to see some history.

We continue to have strong support from friends and family. Sebastian has helped Deb at church during the set up of communion and at home whenever he sees a need to help. What a guy! God has been very good to us and we praise Him. We also pray, and ask that you pray for Dan Krupa who is fighting his own battle with cancer.

Thank you all for reading this and your support.


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