Thursday, June 9, 2011

Improving day by day

Hello everyone,

Since I last wrote, Deb has had a couple of doctor's appointments and is starting a physical therapy program to help with range of motion in the right arm and lymphedema in the left arm. We think her bout with shingles called the lymphedema.

So, she is going to a specially certified therapist for this at Centegra Hospital, three times a week. Yesterday she went to the prosthetic store for some new stuff to wear. She still is very tender.

The doctors conferred and believe that no radiation is necessary now. They will monitor the liver via a scan every three months or so and she will take Arimidex, an anti cancer drug in pill form, every day.

Deb seems in good spirits, but she will have to be better to return to work on 6/20.

We seems to be enjoying being home together. The days are filled with medical appointments and therapy it seems. We are thankful for the continuing prayers and good wishes that keep us positive and focused.

We are blessed by all those who lift us and we are confident that all will be well as time goes by.

God Bless,

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