Friday, May 27, 2011

Post Surgery Update

Good morning everyone,

I have to apologize for the late update. I became preoccupied with the day to day issues that cropped up prior to our surgery.

I had my right hip replaced on 5/2/11 in Centegra Hospital in McHenry. On Thursday I went to the rehab facility in Lake Zurich for a couple of weeks instead of doing rehab at home as I did the first time (2004). I'm home now and getting alone. Not too much pain.

Deb had a mastectomy on May 18Th at Centegra Hospital. The pathology report indicates that the tumor in the breast was gone, due to the chemotherapy. Six of six lymph nodes were cancerous and there was some involvement in the armpit, although there were clear margins. Today her doctors are going to conference her case to decide what to do next. There is still liver involvement and we should hear more next Tuesday when we go to the surgeon.

Deb has pain in the right arm and shoulder area that will last for a while. She is taking a shower now and that always helps the spirits. She is resting as much as possible. Her mom was here for several days after she came home and was a big help with everything.

We have been blessed with meals delivered by friends and those meals we ordered through, thanks to the generosity of the Kemper team.

We have also been blessed again with so many people praying for us. We've been added to prayer lists all over the country, by some gracious people.

We feel blessed by God with healing and support, and we know that all is in his hands.

Thank you for reading this,

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