Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Milepost

Hi everyone,

Deb called just now, after meeting with her surgeon, and told me they selected May 18th as the date for her surgery.

My surgery (hip replacement) is scheduled for May 2nd, so we will both be off together for awhile.

Surgery is only one step in the process, of course, but after the subsequent radiation treatments, she will start the follow up treatments and we hope a full and permanent cure.

Deb is so happy to be finished with chemotherapy and to be able to start tasting food again, without the terrible metallic flavor associated with the chemo side effect.

With the start of warm weather we hope to spend more time outside enjoying the yard.

We continue to be blessed by our friends and family during this season. Our pastor and small group also are a great source of comfort to both of us as we move from one phase of this to another. Your prayers and thoughts, the cards and gifts, have reminded us of how kind and considerate loving people can be in times of stress and doubt.

For now we try to stay as close to God as we can. We try our best not to worry about tomorrow or any of our tomorrows, but instead we give thanks for our many blessings and praise Him for loving us so much.

God Bless everyone,

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