Friday, March 25, 2011

How we cope

Hello to friends and family,

Deb sent this recently, and I think it summarizes how she feels going into her last chemo infusion.

Well, if you’ve been following the blog, you pretty much know what’s been going on. I had chemo last Thursday and have been coming into work the Monday after with the days after chemo pretty much being lost. I just lie around, watch TV and sleep. Of course that is what my body needs, but I hate it. It looks like the chemo is having some positive impact; I’m going to be really happy when I complete my final treatment in 3 weeks. I’ll feel like I can start moving forward even though surgery and radiation are not something I’m particularly looking forward to other than a means to an “end”.

I’m thankful to still have a job here. I think having to get up and have a place to go each day helps me get through. And, of course, it’s been year-end, so it’s been busy. Also a good thing, except when I feel like I’m not pulling my weight because of the time I have to take off. Everybody has been good about it though.
My step-daughter Krista and her family visited March 3 – 6. Fortunately it was the weekend before my next chemo, so I felt pretty good. Mostly we talked, ate and watched movies, so it was pretty low key. They had been to the water parks at the Wisconsin Dells earlier in the week, which was non-stop action, so I think they were ready to just relax. It worked out well for all.

This time of year I start craving corned beef and cabbage. We are going to friends on Saturday for dinner and I can’t wait. I won’t enjoy it as much as I’d like because of my sense of taste being off, but I know what it’s supposed to taste like! That will be good enough for me.

Deb’s attitude and patience is legendary, as you can imagine being married to me for almost 21 years. In spite of all that goes on she manages to keep up at work and at home and still have time for Strider and me.

Next Thursday is her final chemotherapy. We will learn then about a surgery schedule.

Thank you all for your prayers. We appreciate all the words of encouragement and love. We’ve had some great notes from our two exchange students, Masha in Russia and Sebastian in Augsburg Germany, assuring us that they pray for us and love us too!

God Bless Everyone
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