Monday, March 7, 2011

Just a Ramblin' thought or two.

Happy Monday Morning.

It’s the little things of course that makes the picture whole. A random hug or kiss, an unexpected compliment, or someone calling to say hello. A get well or thinking of you card that brings a smile or a tear.

Deb has a special ability to do life without complaint. She enters each day with all the side effects of chemotherapy, especially just after an infusion. She is tired, and unable to taste food for a couple of weeks, but each day she goes to work, does her best, and comes home to rest. And the stress of not knowing the outcome or how much sickness and pain is yet to come. The disruption of normal life due to treatments and I can imagine how easy it is to dwell on the negatives, because there are many.

She is one example of so many people who do the same thing each day. Men and women who don’t shut down their life because of a terrible disease, but continue to be productive husbands, wives, fathers and mothers for as long as they can. Breast cancer isn’t the only catastrophic disease, of course. HIV, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and so on. The list is very long.

But I’m hoping that each of us today will take a moment to reach out to someone who is battling a terrible disease with a phone call, a card or if possible, a hug. Tell them they are not alone, that no matter what happens next, you will continue to pray for them. They need to know they are still special to you. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing. They know they are sick, and more than likely, the finish line is not in sight. Just to hear a friendly voice means so much to them. Your voice!

If you are their caregiver, you need to take some quiet time and remember you are God’s caring hands here on earth. That you have all the gifts you need from God and he will help you use them. Don’t be discouraged, because you will be given strength to finish the job.

My sister and her husband cared for my bedridden mother for two years. Day and night, 365 days a year until she died. Sure they had some outside help, but they had the responsibility every day, rain or shine. I can’t fathom being that strong.

Deb gets the results of her tests this week, so I’ll have something to share later.

Thanks for the wonderful comments you add to this. They make us smile.

God Bless,

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