Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nothing Startling Out There For US

Hi everyone,

I'm reporting this as I sit and wait for my car to be ready at the dealer. Oil change. At least they have Wi Fi.

Deb is in her second week back to work. She was so tired last week. This week is a short week and when she has therapy, she takes a half day of vacation, so it is easier on her and she gets home early. She continues to have therapy on her right arm for range of motion and the left arm for lymphedema. Her arm is wrapped in gauze, foam and sport elastic bandages each day and will stay that way until the swelling goes away. The path for lymphatic fluid was disrupted when several lymph nodes were removed at the surgery in 2007. Up until the bout with shingles everything was fine. The shingles resided in the left arm.

She soldiers on without too much to say one way or the other. I'm trying to help since I'm still home. I will do the laundry, the trash and get dinner ready, and try to do things I've put off. I think she is convinced that while cancer is still in her liver she is not out of the woods.

I expect that she will be working as long as she can, and we have no idea how long Kemper will want her. I'm retiring July 31st. My hip replacement is coming along fine. I'm having therapy three times a week.

I am aware of how God has blessed us with good medical care, and so much more. Without him how could we go on with our lives?

Thank you all for prayers, cards and good thoughts. It does make a difference. God hears each one.

God Bless
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