Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cleaning up the mess

Hello Campers!

Deb continues to trek along with her skin issues and various creams to control the itching and peeling of her skin, fried from the radiation. She is still very red in front and we expect that it will turn to tan as time goes on.

Deb is anxious to start using the prostetic stuff she has purchased to make her silouette even. Is that a delicate way to put it or what? Oh, and I'm still amazed that so many women have come forward to share their survivor stories with us.

We are so very thankful that all treatment has ended. Deb will continue to see various doctors, but should start to recover her stamina and health. She still has pain in her fingers and toes from chemo and is taking Lyrica for that condition. She has to guard against lymphedema of course.

We look forward to continued good results and reports from the doctors. Our faith remains intack and strong. This has been a winter the likes we haven't seen in thirty years, but we look to the promise of spring.

We offer our prayers for Danny and my mom. The Kattner twins are progressing nicely, but they are still at risk, so please remember to include them as you pray.

So many people have prayed for us, and we still need the solace prayer brings to us. Thank you for keeping us in your hearts.


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