Monday, February 18, 2008

Clean Underwear

Good Afternoon, everyone!

Much of the time since my last post has been uneventful.

Deb is slowly improving, and although she is tired more than normal, she continues to do all the things she normally does around the house. Her skin is getting better, with less peeling. She still takes medication for the pain in her fingers and toes.

We have been hermits because of all the snow. We go to church and do errands on the weekends, but otherwise we stay close to home.

Deb saw Dr. Smoron today. Nothing new to report. My guess is that things will continue to be quiet until we return after Easter. Deb has another appointment with her surgeon then. Quarterly visits for a while.

So with healing the only item on the agenda, I will probably write less here. I recently looked back to the beginning of the posts, in April of 2007. I can't imagine how naive we were. I can’t imagine knowing in advance what would happen. Now the long wait begins.

We have been blessed with such great support from everyone. So many people have prayed for us. People we will never know, who added us to their prayer list at church, or to their personal list. People we know, who took the time to share their love and kindness. The food they delivered, phone calls to cheer us and all the get well cards and gifts. The e mails from old and new friends all over the country. People I hadn’t heard from in years, taking the time to be part of all this.

God had control of this and gave us a measure of peace so we could endure the stress and pain of all these months. He will guide us through the coming months too, with all His grace and love.

Thanks to all of you. I’ll write again when something develops.

I have another weblog (blog) I do for my amusement.

Please join me sometime.

Our love to each of you.

Dan and Deb

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