Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Wind Up

Hi everyone,

Thanks for thinking about us. We had our whirlwind tour of Southern Illinois over the weekend, returning last night. Alto Pass is where my Dad's family lives, except for the Dad and his portion of the family, that moved to Pontiac Michigan in the 30's. After taking my Dad and Brother Dennis to Alto Pass (south of Carbondale) in 2001 we have gone back to the family picnic twice, including this year. It was very moving to see the places my Dad called home, and to meet some very wonderful people, all related some how to me.

We had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn this year, a breast cancer survivor. She had great words of encouragement for Deb. We will miss Tempa and Raymond, first cousins to my Dad, who left us this past year. We miss most Melvin, who taught us a lot about being friends and showed us the pleasures of gardening when we were there last. I know his wife Joan, and all the family miss his humor, and his love.

Perhaps I'm taking this blog thing too far, as now I've given it to our benefits department at work and a wonderful person at Blue Cross who is most helpful with figuring out the medical bills for us. It continues to amaze me how many people say they are praying for us, because such a volume of prayer will surly speed to God on the wings of his angels.

Deb is doing well with the exception of acid reflux and fatigue. She seems to be a bit more tired as this goes on, but we expected that to be the case. She continues to face all the treatment, knowing surgery will come soon, followed by more chemotherapy and radiation. She could be depressed but she is an inspiration with her patience and perseverance. Plus she looks so cool with all the various hats and wraps.

Reflect upon your present blessings - of which every man has many - not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.Charles Dickens

We are very glad to know our friend Danny has now entered the monitoring phase. He and Marge will now concentrate on keeping his weight up (boy, do I wish I had that issue) and healing as he has a check up and blood work in six months.

So, we are at another way point. Deb has chemo next week, and after that the doctors will decide the next step. As we wait, we are buoyed by the love and prayers of so many of you, our friends and family. Remember my mom in your prayers, as she waits for our Lord to come for her. Her road hasn't been easy, and she has amazed the health care workers with her ability to hang on here, but there must still be something for her to do, before she leaves.

Remember those who you love, but perhaps haven't seen or spoken with in a while. With so much death around us, celebrate life with a phone call or a letter to someone. Make their day special, and your's will be special too!

Don’t let death be your cure for procrastination.

God Bless all,


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