Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Hello everyone!

We've started to experience some routine with Deb's cancer treatment. Blood test every Thursday, Chemo every three weeks, visit the doctor every week. But in the routine is the comfort of predictability, not the edgy uncertainty of diagnosis and treatment plans. A fancy way of saying not much has changed in the last week.


Both Dr. Weyburn and Dr. Compagnoni think there is some change in the tumor. It started out the size of a lime, so perhaps now it's a small plum? A walnut? We won't know until after the last chemo on July 5th, and probably a MRI exam, just what will happen next. Will it be small enough for surgery or will further chemo reduce it more, so the surgery will not destroy the breast.

After surgery comes radiation and more chemo, we understand.

Deb is doing particularly well with this hair thing. She now has a variety of hats and scarves to wear, including some scarves she always wanted to wear but could not find the exact ensemble to compliment them. Her wig looks great on her and so she has lots of options. I wish I did.

There were several articles in the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times the last few days about breast cancer. It may have something to do with the charity walks for cancer going on now. One article explores a new medication aimed at reducing the risk of cancer returning after the initial treatment. New thoughts on radiation treatment are discussed too. It appears that even after a successful initial battle with breast cancer, and a clean bill of health, there is a statistical possibility of cancer returning.

Sebastian left for Philadelphia yesterday for a week with Erin and Rob (and Quinn too). He is excited to explore new American cities and is hoping to see some of the landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Mall in Washington D.C. His flight was delayed a bit but when Erin found him at the baggage carousel he was helping an elderly couple with their baggage. He is a terrific guy!

Soon he leaves for Germany. We will miss his smile and his laugh. We are the richer for his being here. What will we do without the King of Queens and the NBA?

We offer our prayers for all of you that may be in a battle too. Life is both a joy and a struggle. While we are preoccupied with our issues, we know that there is a lot of hurt, loneliness and health problems out there. We take a lot of comfort in the certainty of prayer and faith.

Please accept our thanks to everyone for their prayers and thoughts.

God Bless

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