Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Change in Direction

Hello All!

Happy Independence Day. Remember that Freedom isn't Free. Please remember all those who have died serving the cause of freedom and those who continue to serve in far away places.

The past week has been interesting and challenging, bringing new feelings and old issues to the surface.

Deb seemed to have developed a sensitivity to the smell of the chemo lab. In fact, looking at her new IPod cause her to recall the smell, so naturally, she avoided looking at the IPod at every opportunity. She told me that she didn't want to have the chemo session yesterday, the first time she felt that way enough to vocalize it to anyone. It was switched from Thursday to Tuesday and along with today, Independence Day, Deb will be off work until next Monday. When she arrived the scent wasn't there so she was able to read her new, personally autographed copy of Janet Evonovich's book, "Lean Mean Thirteen" during the session. Thank you Kathi!

She came home with the news that she is going to start Taxol once a week for the next twelve weeks, in place of the current drugs. The tumor hasn't reduced enough to be removed, and since it hasn't enlarged, there isn't a reason to rush into surgery. There was an option of having Taxol every three weeks, but the dose would be much stronger with the resulting increase in side effects. She also has to take steroids before the first treatment.

Speaking of side effects, there is the vomiting today, without warning, so I think the family picnic is out. Looking at the side effects of Taxol would make an alcoholic sober. Google it and then imagine twelve weeks of doses. Can't be something to look forward to.

Elsewhere, things are going well, albeit without the hum of teenage television and grocery bills. We haven't had anything further from Sebastian, but his parents sent two beautiful books, one about Augsburg and one about Bavaria. They also sent an Augsburg Torte, a beautiful and delicious concoction.

Deb continues to get great support from family and friends. Cards and phone calls cheer her, and the prayers of everyone make the real difference, as we know that God's plan will prevail in all things.

Please take a moment and check out this site.
and read the poem "To Whom it May Concern"

Our sincere appreciation to everyone for their support, love, prayers and hugs, as both of us try to deal with the silent killer called breast cancer. We just learned that Teresa, my sister's sister-in-law is testing for cancer, both breast and cervix. She would be only the latest of several siblings that have battled cancer. Please pray for Teresa, as the time before knowing the full truth can be a long, lonely nightmare, filled with stress and insomnia.

Maya Angelou tells us, "I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.". Indeed!

Love to all,

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