Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016

Today Deb's posted on her Facebook medical update page the following.

Happy New Year Facebook friends and family! It's time for an update. I had a CT Scan and Bone Scan performed Wednesday 1/6 because my recent blood tests have shown my tumor markers to be elevated. Unfortunately, the results, which I received yesterday, show that the cancer is continuing to spread to my skeleton. On the plus side, there is no evidence that it is spreading to my organs and I am not experiencing pain.

The next step is a weekly chemotherapy regimen, which will start in February. The drug will be Abraxane, which is a newly packaged form of Taxol. I was treated effectively with Taxol previously. After a couple months of treatment, my tumor markers will be checked again via a blood test and the next phase of treatment will be determined at that time.

While the diagnosis is a crummy one, I am feeling good physically and mentally as well as blessed knowing I have so many who care and are praying. I truly believe that is what has kept me so positive and feeling well.
Love and Blessings,


I (Dan) would add that Deb has good and days that are not so good, more the former than the latter. She still enjoys life and isn't melancholy about this turn of events.

There was an article in the Chicago Tribune today that spoke to why cancer has not been cured, since polio and tuberculosis, to name two, have all but disappeared. But cancer appears to be not just one disease but many diseases that are wily and not willing to give up their secrets to the many people looking for a cure.

Strides have been made in gene research and treatment regimens being developed are aiming for a targeted approach. 
But despite all efforts young and old still die from cancer. There isn't a reset button to go back to pre cancerous health. And the treatment costs, the monetary costs, and the pain and heartbreak to families is incalculable.

Still, heart attacks and obesity winnow our number and living a healthy life seems out of reach for many, not because of lack of nourishing options or cost but because we don't choose to be healthy.

Thanks for being with us to fight and to comfort us. 
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