Monday, October 5, 2015

Hi everyone, I apologize for the lack of posts here. There is a medical page on Facebook that has more information. Where to start? Between my last post in 2013 and this year (2015) the medical picture was stable. Deb continued to get scans and take anti cancer oral meds. She visited her primary care doctor, Dr.Weyburn and occasionally her surgeon but except for the metastasized spot on her liver no signs of cancer or any other involvement. It was just a few months ago that Deb had a scan that suggested some involvement into her skull and bones. Confirmed by a scan a few weeks ago, it appears that while she will continue her treatment it will take a medical miracle to save her. She has some time left, we think but We don't know how much. Deb isn't in any sever pain presently. Here is what she posted on Facebook on September 9, 2015 It's been a few months since my last update, so I wanted to give everybody the latest. I recently had my 3rd CT Scan and 2nd Bone Scan of the year-pretty soon I'll be glowing in the dark. Recall, the scan results from May were inconclusive. I met with my oncologist this afternoon to review and discuss my scan results from last Friday. The CT Scan shows nothing new related to any of my organs, but does show enlarged spots and additional spots on my bones. The Bone Scan confirms spots on my skull, sternum, spine and right humerus (upper arm bone). While this isn't great news, it's not horrible news either as we have a game plan to deal with it. I will no longer be taking the exemestane (estrogen blocker - both of my tumors were estrogen positive. Minimizing the estrogen in my body minimizes the spread of the cancer), as that is obviously not keeping the cancer at bay. One option is to start taking tamoxifen, which is the first estrogen blocker that I took after discovery of my first tumor. I stopped taking it after my second tumor was diagnosed, as it obviously did not prevent the second tumor. Apparently there has been success in going back to this drug after an unsuccessful attempt, but I wasn't feeling confident with this approach. While chemotherapy is another option, it isn't really called for at this point. Instead, I will be going for monthly injections. I will be receiving two injections per month. One is an injection of Faslodex (generic = fulvestrant). This is another estrogen blocker. It is used to treat metastasized breast cancer when other anti-estrogen medications fail. Additionally, I will receive an injection of Xgeva (generic = denosumab). This drug will target and destroy only certain cells in the body, while protecting healthy cells from damage. It is used to prevent bone fractures and other skeletal conditions in people with tumors that have spread to the bone, which in the case of breast cancer is pretty common. So, that is pretty much the long and short of it. My injections begin next week. Many of you who knew that I was having more scans have passed along well wishes, positive thoughts and prayer. It means so much - thank you! For now, I'll see you out and about. Love and Blessings, Deb We bought a fifth wheel travel trailer and a truck to pull it and plan to see as much as possible in the time we have left. I am reminded every time I write something about "time left" that we don't know, any of us, what time we have left to be in our earthly life. We could have the second coming or we could die unexpectedly. No one knows by God. So my prayer is that you join me in doing what you can to not only enjoy what is left of this life but to make an effort to help others to enjoy their time here too. When Jesus talked about the two greatest commandments, that is to Love God fully and to love your neighbor as yourself he wanted us to stop being judgmental and to let our love wash over our friends and family and even strangers. So I'll add my thanks for your prayers and love and hope that we see you soon.
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