Thursday, October 27, 2011


October 26th and while the grass is still green, the leaves are either in color or on the ground. Isn't it something that time seems to go so fast except between November and March? Strider is curled up beside me, while Val cleans our home. Deb is working and, John is here to do some electrical work for me. The sun is bright and a gental breeze blows. Deb is getting her strength back and continues to amaze me with her positive attitude and reliance on good doctors and our Lord to see her through this cancer thing. She goes to the various doctors who then examine her and give her a clean bill of health. My retirement is still a novelty to me, but I'm liking it more all the time. Please pray for healing for Jill Bryan, Mary Krummery, Mary Keller and Tom Brown. So many people with medical issues. Thank you for keeping up with us. Without all of you, we wouldn't stand a chance to continue our feeling that this too shall pass. God Bless all of you, Dan
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