Thursday, September 22, 2011

A little of this, and a lot of that

Hello everyone, This is a quiet Thursday evening with Strider snuggled up beside me and a warm laptop computer keeping me, well, warm. Deb is out to dinner with dinner group two and so here I sit felling very content and peaceful. Deb had a CT scan a week or so ago and the results were good. She was told that her lung nodules improved, but she doesn't remember ever hearing anything about her lungs before, so that's a puzzle she will have to solve when she visits the doctor. The cancer med she takes each day is starting to bring about side effects including irritability. She continues to work, God bless her. Treatment continues for lymphedema in her left arm, and there has been progress. There will be a transition to something she will wear daily and something different for night time. This will replace the therapy she gets at Centegra three times a week. Nothing else much going on with us. I'm enjoying retirement. Lots of little projects and I've taken Strider to the park so she can explore being a dog. We continue to get great support from our small group and others from church. Friends old and new pray for us and we feel the warmth of love and good wishes. God has blessed us with abundance and we are grateful. It seems to me that giving thanks is more than a seasonal thing. I'm convinced that I should start each day with my personal thanks for a great mate, my family and my health. And for the friends that have suffered through this last few years of Deb's trials with understanding and patience, we couldn't ask for more. Our friend Jack is still treating for skin cancer, but his lymphoma is dormant, while Jill Bryan suffers through chemotherapy and the side effects that brings. Please pray for them as they battle the uncertainty of health and healing. God Bless you all, Dan
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