Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're Shrinking!

Hello all,

Good news yesterday. Dr. Compagnoni, Deb's surgeon was excited about a definite size reduction in the tumor. Chemo will continue for a while and Deb will probably have the tumor marked, which involves placing metal pieces at the points around the tumor so it can be found by x ray.

Continued shrinkage may delay surgery for a while and could eliminate it altogether. We don't want to get to far ahead yet, but this is a wonderful development, praise God!

The other good news is that Deb is having a much better time with chemo now then before, with less fatigue and more energy. This is probably due to the switch to Taxol. Other than double cheeseburgers from Mickey D's before chemo, she isn't excited by food. Most everything lacks taste. She did go to the Stage Stop in Wilmot with the girls this week and said she could taste the steak. No surprise there.

Last Saturday we drove up to the Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago WI. Their speciality is apple pie baked in a paper bag. It was delicious. Lot's of other stuff there too, like cherry brats, cider baked ham and other pies. A very cool place.

We now have baby bunnies. We have to watch Strider the wonder dog, so she doesn't hurt them. They were naked things last week and now they are furry hopping things that you can tell will be rabbits soon. We have a Robin's nest in the evergreen that fascinates Strider. She stands on her hind feet and peers into the tree to see the nest.

Deb has been doing a lot of weeding, so the yard looks great.

We continue to pray for others who have health problems and thank those that pray for us.

More later,

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