Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another step forward.

Happy Saturday!

This is a week that went according to the normal plan. Deb felt rested and energetic most of the week, with the exception of Thursday evening after having chemo. In fact, Deb could not believe how good she felt. Truly a great blessing.

The plan is two or three more sessions of chemo, then a MRI to see if any reduction has occurred, and then surgery, or more chemo and another MRI. There is some thought that the tumor has reduced in size. Most people with cancer, if the blog sites are any indication, want to have get it removed from their body as soon as possible.

Cancer seems test our emotional, physical and certainly our spiritual reserves every day.

The highs and lows we experience are mostly due to the uncertainty of the outcome, and the speed bumps and setbacks all along the way. If everyone reacted the same way to treatment, we'd all have a better idea of how this is all supposed to come out.

The physical reaction to having large vats of poison dumped in one's body every week or so are so individual and varied that they cannot be predicted with any certainty. Of course the brochures all talk about the nausea and hair loss, but the loss of taste is probably the biggest thing bugging Deb right now. Except me, of course. She just can't taste much. Things I think are spicy just don't give her much reaction, except when they start doing the bongos in her stomach.

And to think, that after surgery, more chemo and perhaps some radiation, which brings a new and different set of reactions.

Spiritually, we are doing very well. We are part of God's plan and we praise him for a good life and His grace and mercy. God may have allowed this to happen, but it is our reaction to it that says more about our walk. Sure, we are optimistic, and we have been, and yes, the initial diagnosis was positive for a recovery, but we both know that anything could happen in the next few months. We would rather enjoy what we have and look to the future with hope and thanks than have bitterness or regrets.

Deb continues to get wonderful cards and messages, many prayers lifting her toward God's embrace. Giving her the certainty of God's healing hands and the love of so many people.

We miss our ability to travel and visit friends like Skip and Dorothy, Joe and Kim and Kathi and Jim. Even doing much locally is unpredictable, as we both try to catch up on everything on the weekend, especially rest.

This weekend is the 60 mile Susan G. Koman breast cancer walk. You will know them by their caps and scarves covering their heads, by their pins and clothing that says we have cancer. But more, you will know them by the look in their eyes and the smiles that tell of battles fought, some won, some lost, of those that came before and sadly, those who will come later. When you see them, give them a hug. They will all know you care and smile all the more.

May those who love us, love us. And those who hate us, may God turn their hearts. And if he doesn't turn their hearts, may he turn their ankels so we'll know them by their limping.
Celts, Ancient

You gotta love the Irish!

Thank you, everyone.
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