Friday, January 2, 2009

Almost a Year

Good Morning.

The New Year is here and it was last January that Deb finished her radiation treatments.

The change in her endurance and strength has been noticeable and welcome. As an example, Daughter Kathie, her Husband Jim and their German exchange student Nini were here on Monday and we walked about two miles from the train station to Michigan Avenue and finally to the John Hancock building, with a tour of Macy’s on State Street and other various stores along the way. Deb seemed tired after the long day, but bounced back well the next day.

Deb continues to visit the surgeon and oncologist every quarter, and so far all is well.

Before Deb was diagnosed it seemed that we were only vaguely aware of cancer other than statistics. Even when aware of the presence of cancer in acquaintances or their family, it never seemed to register with us for all the heartache, life changing reality and pain it causes to so many people.

Then, sometimes there is good news. Georghi is cancer free and does not even have to have follow up for a year! She had leukemia. All looked grim for her, but through a miracle cure she is well after bone marrow transplants, transfusions and chemotherapy all were given to her.

Sometimes we have to have faith. Faith is not believing in the impossible, but instead believing in something that offers tangible or circumstantial evidence to support our faith, but leaves room for doubt. Once the outcome is certain, faith is no longer possible or needed.

Deb and I believe in the unseen. We have faith in the goodness of God and his perfect plan. “For now we see indistinctly, as in a mirror, but then face to face (with God we shall see clearly). Now I know in part, but then I will know fully, as I am fully known”. Paul was talking about faith in God. Paul never saw God, but had a close encounter. His faith was real.

Someday we will have a perfect understanding of all this and incredible joy in that knowledge.

Until then we will struggle when doubt assumes control, then have times when everything seems to be wonderful and hope and faith abound.

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