Friday, September 26, 2008

Good News

Hi everyone.

The dermatologist's office called Wednesday afternoon to say that all my pathology was negative for cancer. I have to keep using the cream for the spots on my arms and head, but there is no need for further surgery. I'll continue to get a general exam once a year.

So, I'm not sure what this means. Did they over diagnose? Did my hearing fail me that day? Did God miraculously heal me? I'm not sure I'll ever know but thanking God is never a bad idea, so Thanks, Dad.

Deb seems to be doing well, and both of us are enjoying this beautiful weather. It's the last really warm spell before fall, so with the temps in the mid to high seventies, and no rain, it is just a great time to be alive.

It's Friday and as most of you do, we are excited about two days to rest and recharge. Our prayer list keeps growing. Deb's Aunt Mary had her shoulder replaced last week and Georgi is still battling leukemia, while her husband isn't allowed to visit her because he has shingles.

Deb and I started large group studies with our church, The Chapel. Deb is doing the Beth Moore study and I'm doing Men's Fraternity.

Somewhere in your circle of friends and family, there is someone who would be thrilled with a call or visit from you. Don't delay because it's always later than you think. Hug your child or spouse for no reason except you love them. Let them be comforted by your approval, acceptance and love.

God Bless

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