Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Mother's Day

Hi everyone,

Mother's day has taken on a new meaning for me this year.

Mom is not so good now. She's been confined to her bed for eighteen months or so, and we play a waiting game. She bounces up and down with her health, but somehow always continues on, toward the time God will call her home. She has been ready for some time to go, she wants to see her husband and parents and enjoy basking in God's mighty glory.

Mom was a terrific cook and had some classic dishes that the entire family raved about. Her goulash, her fried chicken, beef stew, chocolate pie and the coconut cream pie were the best. She delighted in cooking for her father, and he loved to have her custard pie. Meatloaf, wow, what a treat, and her homemade bread and rolls were so good that I can taste them now.

Mom was also, well, Mom, with all the qualities we all expected in a stay at home mom. She was always there and kept a tight schedule and a tight ship. She cooked to satisfy my dad, who worked hard everyday and came home hungry. She had a routine for her week for when she would clean and do the laundry.

I decided years ago that my mom somehow contributed to all the speed bumps in my life. Why wasn't she more this or that to me, so I would have been more successful, or had better opportunities, or been thinner or had more hair. But, like a light bulb going off over your head, it finally dawned on me that my mom was responsible for most of my success after all. She instilled in me desires for hard work and organization that have been the key to any job I've had, and more importantly, she taught me that it was good to be affectionate and to tell others I love them.

Mom never asked for thanks or any acknowledgement of her role in my development, and perhaps she wouldn't understand my feelings now, with the medication and all, but I'm leaving today to drive to Michigan to tell her happy Mother's Day and how much I love her. And thanks, I need to say that too.

Mother's can be complex and we forget that they are people too, with all the quirks and surprises we all have but with a big supply of love and forgiveness too. Take time this weekend to remember your mom, whether she is here or not, and ask God to bless her and keep her safe.

Deb would have been a terrific mom. You could see it with Sebastian and Masha. We continue on, with hope and faith, to the next exam and the one after that, and so on.

We pray for Marge, Kathy Addler, Sam and so many others that are ill or struggling. Please join in our prayers.

Please enjoy life and hug your mom.

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