Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Transition

Hello everyone!

Sunday morning at 7 AM, and everything is quiet. Deb is sleeping and Kathi will go home today. I will go back to work tomorrow. Kathi helped a lot by being here and giving us someone else to talk with other than ourselves. She also be adept at helping with all the little odds and ends that we normally do without realizing how much time they take. Her best asset is that Strider loves her.

Deb is feeling more pain. She is taking Advil every six hours. She finished the antibiotics. She feels pain in her chest and her left arm is very weak and difficult to use, even a little bit. She has exercises to do. One is using her fingers to climb a wall and getting as far up as possible. The other is wax on, was off , in the air. She is frustrated by this, but with all the surgery she should be sore. It will take some time to recover from this.

Looking at the web site illustration, you can see how much is removed in a modified mastectomy.

She will see Dr. Bugno, the radiologist, at some point and that treatment will start. She sees Dr. Weyburn, the oncologist, nest Wednesday.

She is taking showers, but as you can imagine, is shocked by the damage to her body. She visits a prosthetic store this week to get something temporary to even things out in her clothes.

We have been blessed by some of the best food imaginable. Really incredible food! Roast beef, potatoes and carrots; Pork with Au Gratin potatoes and salad, with egg custard for dessert. The best meat loaf, with mashed potatoes and green beans. Chicken casserole, and great Chicken soup with home made noodles, with pumpkin bars for dessert. And bread, lots of bread, which Deb can now taste and enjoy fully. Egg Plant parmigiana and chicken parmigiana, that would do an Italian restaurant proud, with salad and home made sauce. Sweet and sour beef over rice, with pumpkin pie. Wow! Every dinner made and delivered with love, lots of hugs and good cheer. We can never thank everyone enough for this wonderful blessing. Most of the time we think we live in a shallow world, but there are many good people willing to help in any way they can if asked.

I'll update again, but for now, Deb is trying to stay comfortable and heal. She will need a group, I think, for support. We have been blessed with great support and prayers through all of this. God listens to every prayer, so even if you aren't used to talking direct to the Big Guy, just ask him for peace for us and to heal Debbie. He will listen, I know.



Have a good Sunday everyone.
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